Welcome to Southern California–where life’s a beach, a mountain range, a big city, and a small town. The iconic laidback attitude fueled by year-round sunshine has attracted people from around the world who bring SoCal to life through action sports, music, art, and street culture.

In the heart of it all is where our Global Vans HQ lives, full of fun and family, recognized by its residents as the embodiment of the SoCal lifestyle. If you don’t like perfect weather, strong communities built on cultural diversity and easy access to natural landmarks and adventure, then maybe this paradise isn’t for you.


Since 1966, Vans has been the global icon of creative expression in youth culture. We live and breathe our “Off The Wall” spirit that, we believe, comes from expressing your true self by finding creative outlets for your passions. Action sports, art, music, street culture—whatever it is that allows you to create, connect and showcase your style is what Vans is all about.

Below is just a small sampling of what is happening in our SoCal community and our Vans family is constantly looking for the next cool thing to share with you.