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Our Vans Corporate Headquarters is located in Cypress, CA. Many of our departments work very closely with co-workers at our Distribution Center in Santa Fe Springs, CA, our customer service department in Appleton, WI, and the offices of our parent company, VF Corporation, located in Greensboro, NC. Here's an overview of our local departments and what we do:

Apparel Design

Vans Apparel Design is a creative division within the Vans organization that focuses on servicing our markets through key trends and innovative designs and solutions. Our main focus is to create authentic and timeless classics that embrace Vans' DNA and at the same time push the brand into the future!

Creative Services

The Vans Creative Services Department is an in-house design group consisting of Art, Web and Video teams. We are a creative service to the entire brand and a strategic leader in the visual development and creative direction for marketing the Vans brand and its product.

Distribution Center

Our continuously growing Distribution Center, located in Southern California, is the place for all incoming and outgoing Vans product. For more information about our distribution center, check out our dedicated area at:


The Vans eCommerce department strives to provide the Vans customer with the best online branded shopping experience. We are responsible for all aspects of the online selling experience, from online marketing to merchandising, order support and driving new site enhancements.

Equipment Design

Vans Equipment Design is a team of passionate individuals whose focus is on creating and improving industry-leading protective gear and action sports equipment for the Skate, Bike (Mountain Bike and BMX), Snowboard, Water (Wakeboard, Paddle Sports) and Air (Skydiving, Kitesurfing) categories. The range of products we work on spans from helmets and body armor to gloves and snowboard boots under the brands Pro-tec and Vans Snow.


Our Finance department manages Vans' spending while allowing sufficient resources to continually grow an industry leading brand. We work in partnership with VF Accounting to accomplish our short term and long term goals and objectives. Some of us support our growing retail business and others support the wholesale and marketing side of our business.

Footwear Design

The Vans Footwear Design Department is a collective group of industry leading designers dedicated to driving the creativity, individuality, and authenticity of the Vans brand through original, trend-setting and innovative designs. We are responsible for the creative direction and design execution of all Vans branded footwear.

Human Resources

The Human Resources team is devoted to attracting, developing, and retaining an outstanding team at Vans. We promote an environment where each associate can be affective, contribute to the business, and develop their career. In conjunction with VF Human Resources, we seek to make Vans, and VF, not only a great place to work but also an industry leader.

Information Technology

Our IT support is managed through VF, our parent company. You can find more information on VF at

International Business

Vans International Sales works to promote and distribute Vans product in over 20 countries across Latin America and the Caribbean. Through partnerships with wholesale accounts and distributors, and in Vans-owned retail stores in Mexico, International Sales ensures that the Vans brand message and strategic objectives are executed consistently across the region.


Our Legal Department handles all legal issues for our brand including intellectual property, product clearance, commercial contracts, retail and marketing support and litigation. We also manage the global brand portfolio from our offices including the enforcement of our rights against counterfeiters in all markets.


Our logistics team works closely with business leaders to develop innovative product flow solutions that improve cost, reduce transit time and positively impact inventory in the wholesale business as well as our growing direct to consumer business - both retail and ecommerce. We are committed to building and maintaining a logistics organization structure that develops key talent at Vans, while driving synergies across people, processes and systems in alignment with the Action Sports Coalition and VF Corporation.

Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention at Vans is about providing a safe working environment while limiting the organizations liability and protecting the company assets.

Maintenance / Facilities

The Vans Facilities team is in place to meet all employees' needs in creating a comfortable work environment. Sustainability is an important focus for this group. Vans is dedicated to being environmentally and socially responsible in all of our business practices. We have set up the office to promote recycling, reusing water bottles, and reducing waste. We measure and track our greenhouse gas emissions annually and continually look at ways to reduce our global footprint.


The Marketing Department is the voice of the Vans brand: an icon in action sports and a catalyst for art, music, street fashion and youth culture. Here you will find the culmination of some of the most creative folks in the business collaborating to reach out to our adored audience.


The Vans Merchandising team is responsible for leading Vans product direction each season. We partner with design in creating the product and work closely with marketing and sales to execute the launch of the product. We are challenged to survey the competitive landscape and think strategically about how each category can grow the Vans brand through product innovation.


The Sales Department gets Vans product on the streets! We cultivate relationships with wholesale accounts to form strategic partnerships for the brand. With over 2500 dealers and 50 sales representatives nationwide, we ensure the Vans message is accurately and consistently communicated through all levels of distribution.


The Operations team consists of several specialty areas. Our Master Data group is the gatekeeper of all data entered into SAP, our operating system that allows Vans to sell to customers and purchase our products from vendors. The Planning group controls the purchasing of inventory for on-time shipping for our customers and minimizing excess inventory at our DC. The Forecasting group provides global forecast for sourcing production needs, develops financial ship forecast and inventory reporting. And our Domestic Sourcing group handles vendor and purchasing management for Vans Apparel/Accessories product categories.

Product Development

Vans Product Development partners with Merchandising and Design to drive creation of a global range of product to meet the requirements of our athletes and our customers. We work very closely with our contracted factories to ensure that our product meets our exacting requirements in terms or performance, quality, delivery and price.

Retail Merchandising

The Vans Retail Merchandising Department consists of Planning, Allocation, and Buying. Together we are responsible for the product assortment and telling the Vans story within the mall and free standing store environments. The buying teams communicate the store level and style level product analysis to the design team to ensure that we are fulfilling consumer needs and evolving the line so Vans is the "go to" and leader for action sports Apparel, Footwear, and Accessories.

Retail Operations

Retail Operations is where the full depth and breadth of the brand meets the customer. Our primary objective is to create a great Van Doren customer experience and to inspire our customers to "Tell a Friend about Vans".