Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can a student register their school for Custom Culture or does registration need to be done by a teacher?
A: Registration MUST be completed by a teacher or school administrator. Students can NOT register on behalf of their school. It will not be valid. You will get upset and it won't be fun. Make sure a teacher or school administrator submits the registration.
Q: Can two teachers from the same school both register?
A: No. Each school is allowed one registration and one teacher/administrator contact who will be used by Vans throughout the competition as the sole point of contact.
Q: Can home school classes and private schools enter too?
A: Private schools can enter, just make sure a teacher or school administrator registers on the school's behalf. Home schools, non-profits and after-school or community programs may NOT enter. Check out our official rules for more information on what schools may participate.
Q: I have lots of students - can I submit more than four pairs of shoes to accommodate all the kids who want to participate?
A: No more than four pairs per school may be submitted, however we encourage teamwork so feel free to create groups to include all who would like to participate.
Q: I am not currently enrolled in art class at my school, can I still enter Custom Culture?
A: It is up to the school's art teacher to determine who should be included. If you want to work out a system with the art teacher at your school to include you, then go for it!
Q: Do we have to submit one pair for each theme or choose one theme for all four pairs?
A: One pair per theme - art, music, action sports, local flavor. Remember, action sports is defined as “Boards and Bikes” (skateboarding, BMX, surfing, wakeboarding, etc) NOT “Stick and Ball” (football, soccer, baseball, etc)!
Q: Do the pairs need to be identical? Ex: whatever is done to the left shoe, does the same need to be done to the right?
A: The shoes will need to be submitted as four pairs. They do not need to be identical, but they should work as a pair.
Q: Do the shoes need to be functional/wearable?
A: No. The shoes do not need to be functional, so get as creative as you want.
Q: Can we use any copyrighted materials, such as logos, when creating our shoes?
A: No. The design must be 100% original and cannot reference any celebrity likeness or copyrighted material.