Surfline Official Forecast

Our friends at Surfline have provided a forecast for the event. Take a look at the conditions for the next few days to see what Virginia Beach has to offer.

THURSDAY 21st: Lingering windswell.
SURF:Knee-thigh NE/ENE windswell. Still possibly a few bigger peaks, mainly around the late morning/early PM around the lower tide.
WIND:Calm to light/variable winds early become E/SE at 5-9kts.

FRIDAY 22nd: Small windswell/swell. New chop begins to develop in PM.
SURF:Knee high ENE windswell/swell. Local N/NE wind chop begins to develop late in the day.
WIND: Calm to light offshore winds in AM become N/NE at 7-11kts in the afternoon.

SATURDAY 23rd: Developing NE windswell, biggest late.
SURF:Rising knee-thigh-waist high NE windswell during the morning builds over the afternoon. Stronger surf in PM. Biggest late. Stay tuned.
WIND: Moderate NNE/NE winds.

SUNDAY 24th: NE/ENE windswell/swell.
SURF:Waist-stomach+ NE/ENE windswell/swell. Potential for bigger peaks in around the chest high range or so depending on how the next low pressure system evolves. Stay tuned.
WIND:Light+ to moderate NE/ENE winds. Winds potentially ease some in PM.