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Our dude Tim Harrington has been hanging out at the Vans House Parties all summer, taking other musicians out to eat donuts, check out record stores, and ride horses, but this time around he’s hitting the stage with the rest of Les Savy Fav.

Their track “Let’s Get Out Of Here” is the best soundtrack for pretty much anything late night – driving, skateboarding, loading up on greasy diner food. Can’t think of a better band to close out the 2013 Vans House Parties with.

Vans House Parties

Boom Goes The Dynamite

Kid Dynamite, Joyce Manor, Red Hare, and Swearin’ took the House of Vans stage in Brooklyn, NY last week for our fifth event of the summer. We’ve got one to go on August 29th. Don’t miss out on the live webcast for that event right here at vans.com/houseparties.

Photos by Andrew White and Laura June Kirsch. See more at vansmusic.tumblr.com.

Vans House Parties

Les Savy Fav Webcast

If ya didn't manage to snag tickets to our final Vans House Party show of the summer (or maybe you're just nowhere near Brooklyn), you can now rock out to Les Savy Fav and Delorean from the comfort of your old, beat-up computer chair.

We'll be airing live right here at vans.com/houseparties on August 29th. Stay tuned for more details!

Vans House Parties

Snazzy Haircuts & Lighting Fireworks with Tim Harrington, Baroness, & The Melvins

In his latest round of House Party shenanigans, Les Savy Fav's Tim Harrington rocks some killer pink pants and takes the dudes from Baroness for some snazzy specialty haircuts before their show at the House of Vans. Then it's off to meet up with The Melvins and nearly destroy their ear drums lighting off a giant strip of fireworks.

Vans House Parties

Les Savy Fav/Delorean RSVP

We can’t believe we’re already getting down to the last Vans House Party of the summer. If you’re anywhere near the Brooklyn area, you definitely don’t wanna miss out on Les Savy Fav and Delorean at the end of the month. As always, it’s all ages and free with RSVP. Just make sure to get there early to guarantee entry!

Vans House Parties

Kid Dynamite

There’s no denying Kid Dynamite’s presence in the hardcore punk scene in the late 90s before they disbanded in 2000. They’ve done a few runs of reunion shows over the years, but their upcoming set at the House of Vans is looking to be their final US show.

Sad to say goodbye, but stoked to have them hit the stage at this summer’s Vans House Parties. Take a listen to “Pacifier” off their first release and help 'em go out with a bang.

Vans House Parties

Joyce Manor's Back At It

Okay, yeah, we dig Joyce Manor. A lot. We’re bringing them back for another summer of Vans House Parties. P.S. You can stream their entire first record right now on bandcamp. Thank you, internet.

Vans House Parties

Red Hare

Red Hare grew out of the ashes of DC hardcore band Swiz, and they’re serving as a pretty killer reminder of what good ol’ hardcore is all about. It’s got this mayhem/throwing your body around a sweaty room kind of feel. Get yourself all riled up for their Vans House Parties set with a listen to the track “Horace.”

Vans House Parties


Swearin’ are the kind of band that are on the verge of overtaking everyone’s stereo. They’re a little bit lo-fi, a little bit pop-punk, and sound like your friend’s band rocking out in their living room, but with a little more edge. Whatever it is, we like it. Also, you can pick up their full-length on cassette, because that’s all the rage these days (and hey, it’s only $5).

Vans House Parties

If You Give a Band Two Drummers...

In case turning 30 wasn't enough for The Melvins, they went and owned last night's Vans House Parties with an explosion of drums, two-fold. We were stoked to finally have Baroness hit the stage too, alongside some good ol' southern rock from Honky.

Photos by Bryan Derballa. See more at vansmusic.tumblr.com.

Vans House Parties
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