Tim Harrington & Nic Offer: It's the Wild Wild West Up In Here

This time around, our favorite buckaroos Tim Harrington of Les Savy Fav and Nic Offer of the perennially un-googleable !!! mount their noble steeds and ride through the Wild West of Prospect Park, where they crack jokes, discover the park’s horse lanes, and Nic hones his whisling talents.

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Vans House Parties

Tim Harrington & Chaz Bundick: Record Shopping & Jamming With Humans

Vans House Parties are like unicorns: exciting, rare, and sweaty. This time, our homeboy Tim Harrington of Les Savy Fav took Toro Y Moi's Chaz Bundick record shopping. There was talk of unibrows and jamming jazzy/R&B tunes. Quality good times, y'all.

Vans House Parties

RSVP for Aug 15th w/ Kid Dynamite

Psst. RSVP now open for our next Vans House Parties show with Kid Dynamite, Joyce Manor, Red Hare, and Swearin’. Get in there now before all our spots book up!

Vans House Parties


If you were expecting honky tonks and country music, Honky have ya fooled all right. Think grungy bars and monster trucks and things of that sort. Straight up dirty Texas rock. P.S. You can listen to a whole lot more on SoundCloud.

Vans House Parties

The Melvins

Not many bands can say they’re still rockin’ out at 30 years, but The Melvins are doing just that. We’re helping them blow out the candles as they hit up the House of Vans for part of their 30th Anniversary Tour this year. Check out the new track “Dr. Mule” that the guys just released last month.

Vans House Parties


Baroness have a sound that’s big and heavy and just begs for a turntable needle. Lucky for all of us, they just released the four-track album Live From Maida Vale, and it comes on some pretty snazzy looking gold and black vinyl. Time to start digging out your parents’ record player. Get a lil' preview on SoundCloud.

Vans House Parties

Disco Ball Party Time

It ain’t a party without a disco ball twirling from the ceiling. !!!, Classixx, and Jacques Renault brought the dance party for last night's show at the House of Vans. For more House Party goodness, hop on over to vansmusic.tumblr.com.

Photos by Bryan Derballa.

Vans House Parties

Just Like Prom, House of Vans Style

Just another night at this summer’s Vans House Parties. It was like prom, House of Vans style. Y’know, with jeans and t-shirts and no high school chaperones. See more at vansmusic.tumblr.com.

Photos by Laura June Kirsch.

Vans House Parties


Two words: Dance. Party. If you haven’t listened to Classixx’s album Hanging Gardens yet, we’re gonna give you a lil’ preview with the track “Holding On.” Welcome to your new summer jam.

Vans House Parties


Something about summer just screams dance jams, and !!!’s unique dance-punk style is just the thing to keep us groovin’. There’s a sort of funky disco appeal that works just as well now as it would have when our parents were rockin’ platform shoes and hot pants back in the 70’s.

Vans House Parties
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