Jacques Renault

Sometimes you just need to turn things up a notch with a quality remix. Jacques Renault does a pretty killer job throwing his own spin on other songs, like this version of Yacht’s “I Walked Alone.”

Vans House Parties

Lights, Camera, Toro Y Moi

Can't think of a better way to spend a Thursday night than beneath a rainbow of light at the House of Vans amongst Brooklyn's finest. Toro Y Moi, Shlohmo, and Jonwayne hit the stage for the second Vans House Party of the summer, and good times were had. See more at vansmusic.tumblr.com.

Photos by Bryan Derballa.

Vans House Parties

Kiss & Tell at the House of Vans

Brooklyn was shmoozin' it up at last night's Vans House Parties. Check out more photos of all your lovely faces at vansmusic.tumblr.com.

Photos by Laura June Kirsch.

Vans House Parties

Tim Harrington & Damian Abraham: Head-butting, Bad Shows, & Donuts Galore

Les Savy Fav's Tim Harrington and Fucked Up's Damian Abraham are the best sort of friends. Y'know, the kind that share life stories about head-butting and bad shows while chowing down on the best donuts in Brooklyn (Ahem, Peter Pan Donuts). Reasons we love these dudes.

Check out some footage of Fucked Up performing at the first Vans House Party of the summer, and don't miss Les Savy Fav when they close out the whole shebang on August 29th!

Vans House Parties

We're All Friends Here!

With the first Vans House Party of the summer under our belts, I think we can officially say that summer is here. Fucked Up, Title Fight, and Hop Along kicked the whole thing off to a stoked and sweaty crowd. Check out a few photos of the event below.

See more at vansmusic.tumblr.com.

Vans House Parties


It’s a little something folks like to call “chilled trap.” Shlohmo’s keeping his electronic beats low-key and experimental for a journey that’s all its own. Take a listen to “Later” from Shlohmo’s “Laid Out” EP and catch him at the second Vans House Party of the summer on July 11th.

Vans House Parties


A rapper and a producer, Jonwayne likes to do a little bit of everything. But hey, that just means he does everything a little better too, right? We’re digging the beat he's laying down for “Notes to Myself.”

Catch him at the next installment of the Vans House Parties on July 11th.

Vans House Parties

Toro Y Moi

Nothin’ like some quality house music to chill out in the summer. Toro Y Moi is joining us for the second house party of the year on July 11th. Check out the most recent album “Anything in Return.”

Vans House Parties

Hop Along

If you give a girl a guitar, she may just write some songs and make some music. Hop Along vocalist Frances Quinlan has a voice that’s somewhere between coffee shop delicate and basement punk raw. There’s an indie-folk element to the music, and we just can’t. stop. listening. No seriously. Catch them at the first Vans x FYF House Party of the summer on 6/27.

Vans House Parties

Title Fight

If you haven’t heard of Title Fight, we’re gonna take care of that for ya right now. This is one band that has never lost touch with the DIY hardcore scene that they’ve developed from, and their tracks still sound as raw and fresh as your friend’s band screaming their lungs out at a sweaty living room show.

Catch them at the House of Vans on 6/27.

Vans House Parties
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