Birth of an Icon

If one thing is abundantly clear from Vans’ storied 45-year history, it is this: Vans is at its very best when listening to the needs of skateboarders. Originally released as a mid-top version of the classic Vans Caballero high-top, the Half Cab was created in direct response to the demands of a new generation of skateboarders changing the game and taking skateboarding back out into the streets after the vert-riding heyday of the 1980s. “In ’91, I noticed that a lot of street skaters were cutting my shoe halfway down and wearing them that way,” Steve Caballero remembers. “So in ’92, I gave Vans the idea to make a lower cut shoe and call it the Half Cab.” Vans listened and a new silhouette was introduced, an icon was born and countless other shoe companies would eventually go on to release their version of this original Vans classic that has remained in Vans’ line-up to this day.

Holiday 2012

Capping a year of limited edition Half Cab 20th Anniversary products, this Holiday Vans Pro Skate rounds out their collaboration series from Fall with the biggest collaboration yet. Followed with November and December Syndicate only pre-releases of an innovative new Steve Caballero signature model loosely based on the iconic Half Cab silhouette, the all new Vans Cab Lite.

Fall 2012

Hand-picked by Steve Caballero, this Fall, Vans continues to mark this milestone in skateboard footwear history with a series of four distinctive Half Cab 20th Anniversary artist collaboration projects, including one style uniquely designed by Cab, himself.

Spring 2012

This Spring, Vans Pro Skate takes us back to where it all started with a limited edition (20 pairs worldwide!) hand-cut and duct-taped Vans Caballero high top followed by classic re-releases of four of the most iconic colorways from the very first era of classic Vans Half Cabs.