Rocks, Rebar, Water, Concrete, Repeat till you get it right, even though both our spots got torn out we had the sickest crew and tons of fun. Be sure to check out the directors cut with music ,and then go build your own spot!
Directed by: Trevor Morgan and the 510 crew
Skaters/Builders: Justin Albino, Josh Matlock, Nate Alton, Geoffrey Hall, Alex Fatemi, Errol Langdon, D'ontae Smith, Jimmy Tobias, Trevor Morgan, Aaron Chillen, Ken Nagahara, Grave Digger, Budweiser, Kooks, SF Homies, Jenna ?, The Gut, Shovels, Ruckus, Reese Jordan, Ian Schaefer, Ryan Harris, Anyone I Forgot, Anyone Who's Name I Don't Know, Free Major Jones! No Thanks to Cal Trans and Highway Patrol.