Do you have Vans Warped Tour photos and videos from past year's?
If so, we could possibly use them in the No Room for Rock Stars film! Below is a list of specific subjects we are looking for. Please DO NOT send any unrelated material. You must print, sign and send in a copy of the waiver form along with your photos or videos. Please send it to:

Warped Tour Documentary LLC
2656 29th St. Suite #201
Santa Monica, CA 90405

*Kid Rock at the Warped Tour
*No Doubt at the Warped Tour

*Video of Mitch Lucker from Suicide Silence with his daughter on Stage
*Any video from Warped Tour 1995

*If you send us original elements such as 8mm film, 16mm film, original prints, etc. we will make sure to return it to you within 30 days, but if the material is not original we will only return if you send us a request in your package.
*Sending us videos or photos do not guarantee its use in the film.
*We will credit all the owners of elements used in our film under our stills & stock rolling credits.
*Elements sent after May 30th will not be considered. Please do not send us any elements after this date.
*We would appreciate getting your digital files in their original format. (The largest size available)

If you have any questions about the format or content of your images please e-mail