Mike Posner Traveling
Mike Posner is a busy man. Find out how Mike manages playing a set at the Vans Wapred Tour and then runs off to the next gig in this exclusive clip from the film, No Room For Rockstars.
Bots Didley Bow
The Bots play homemade Diddley Bow.
Stage Set Up
Building a city in a day
Spear Fishing
Teach a band to fish...
Setting Up Tents
Sea of Merch Tents
Dennis Nurgle
Dennis from Alesana describes his tattoos
Joe Stealing Doughnuts
Forever Came Calling enjoys breakfast.
Self Promotion No Sets List
Things are done different on Warped Tour.
Dillinger Cotton Candy
Dillinger Escape Plan's Vegas encounter.
With more than 300 hours of film shot during the 2010 tour, No Room For Rock Stars documents the true stories of modern era rock and roll from every possible angle. From the kids in the van playing parking lots to gain notice, to the veteran stage manager whose life was saved by the tour, to the musician who crosses over to mainstream success while on the road, No Room For Rock Stars is Cinema Vèritè story-telling at its finest. A historical retrospective or concert film this is not.